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A Letter from Your KCTE/LA President

[Kentucky Literary Map (small)]

Dear English/Language Arts Folks,

Thank you for a wonderful 2013 KCTE/LA Conference! I want to thank everyone who attended, presented or presided for making this conference exceptional.

Please continue to visit http://www.kcte.org/ for information on the 2014 Conference, which promises to be another worthwhile Professional Development opportunity. Also, don't forget opportunities that KCTE/LA offers throughout the year: The Stephanie Kirk Award, The Kentucky English Bulletin, and regional outreach workshops.

There are many ways to be involved in the conference. If you would like to help in some way, please contact our 2015 Conference Chair, Debbie Bell, at conference@kcte.org.

Thank you for being a part of KCTE/LA,

Kerry Stephenson, President (2013 - 2014) president@kcte.org

Annual Conference

Dear Kentucky English/Language Arts Teachers,

We are preparing for next year's conference. Please check back often.

Kentucky's teachers are doing some of the most groundbreaking work in the nation, and this would be your opportunity to share the wealth. We are redesigning our conference web site for the 2014 conference. We plan to have a Call for Presentations online by September 2013. Watch this page for more information.

Debbie Bell,
2014 Conference Chair conference@kcte.org

NCTE Blogspot News

Coping in a Time of Tragedy

Focus on Native American Heritage

Celebrate National Family Literacy Day!

Blog Round -Up - Literacy

Developing Effective Writing Programs: Help for High Schools

KCTE/LA Remembers Stephanie Kirk

KCTE/LA has established the annual "Stephanie Kirk Classroom Learning Award" as a memorial to Stephanie Kirk. The Award is to support an innovative project which encourages attainable improvement in the language arts areas. In years where none of the applications are judged to match the criteria, the judges reserve the right not to assign the award in that year. We have closed applications for the 2013 award (to be awarded by December 2012) and wish the best of luck to those who submitted applications. Watch our site for information about the 2013 recipient and about the process for submitting an application for the 2014 award.

For more information contact the KCTE/LA current Special-Projects Chairperson, Audrey Harper, at projects@kcte.org

April May be Cruel, But it Is Also Poetry Month

There are days and weeks for practically every trade and notion, days for greeting card companies, days for coffee and sugar growers, months for causes and abilities. April-the entire month, Mr. Eliot aside-is reserved for poetry. April is the month designated safe for that art which Plato found so dangerous that though he loved it, he had to ban it from his No-Place.

Celebrate the poesis of your own poetic spirit. Join in the Kentucky English Collaboration about poetry at http://www.kyenglish.org/April-Is-Poetry-Month

KCTE/LA Kentucky English Bulletin

Call for manuscript submissions for the Kentucky English Bulletin may be found at http://www.kcte.org/keb/ (updated 31 January 2013). Fill out Dr. LeNoir's "3-Minute Survey" at http://www.kcte.org/keb/survey.html


Call for manuscript submissions for the KCTE/LA News (updated 01 January 2011) may be found at http://www.kcte.org/news/

Student Writing Contest

The KCTE/LA writing contest is now coordinated by the section vice presidents. Contact them for information. Email all of the vice presidents at contest@kcte.org. Contact individual vice presidents at elementary@kcte.org (Sherri Bazzell, Elementary VP), middle@kcte.org (Jennifer Fowler, Middle-School VP), secondary@kcte.org (Kristie Hofelich, Secondary-School VP), or college@kcte.org (Kaye Brown, College VP). The deadline for this year's contest is 10 May 2013. Winning entries in the 2013 contest appeared in the Fall 2013 Kentucky English Bulletin. Registration and submission is now electronic. You will still need to use postal mail to send the cover sheets (permission forms). The forms are avaiable at http://contest.kcte.org/student.html. More complete information (including information about past winners) is online at http://contest.kcte.org/index.html.

The NCTE sponsors two national writing contests for individuals, one for 8th graders and the other for 11th graders. For information about the contest for 8th graders contact Frances Helphinstine at young-writers@kcte.org. Information about the awards and past recipients is available on this site at http://www.kcte.org/achievement/pyw.html . Information about the NCTE Writing Achievement Awards, which offer opportunity for Kentucky 11th graders to receive national recognition for their writing, is available on this site at http://www.kcte.org/achievement/aa.html . For information about the contest for 11th graders contact Frances Helphinstine at achievement@kcte.org.

The NCTE also sponsors an award for junior highschool, middle school, highschool, and secondary school literary magazines. For more information on PRESLM (Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines) awards contact Frances Helphinstine at preslm@kcte.org. Further instructions are available on this site at http://www.kcte.org/achievement/preslm.html .

KCTE/LA Teacher of the Year Award

Watch our site for information about the process for submitting an application for the 2014 award, which opens 15 August 2013.

Literary Announcements (email) List Available through U of K LISTSERV

Charlie Hughes has set up an announce-only email list at U of K to cover Literature-related events in Kentucky.

News of publications, authors, readings, writing contests and awards, and more literary news will be distributed in infrequent e-mail messages to list subscribers. Subscribers are also encouraged to send their own announcements to the list. This is a moderated, announcement-type mailing list. This is not a discussion list, the kind that can overwhelm your mailbox. Your e-mail address will not be disclosed to any other entity or used for any other purpose. KCTE/LA has set up a page at http://www.kcte.org/etc/kylit.html with instructions from Charlie on how to join the list.

Ideas from 2007 Eastern Kentucky KCTE/LA Fall Regional Conference at Morehead State University

Shelby W. Fannin, past Middle School Chairman for OLEMA, shares adolescent literature titles which capture the most averse to reading, an array of activities which turn students into readers, and sources for inexpensive reading materials as Townsend Press.

Kathryn Mincey shares her guides for students to use to teach themselves standard grammar and usage within the evolution of the Alliance for Excellent Education position.

Mary Jerde and Maggie Gulley share current grant sources for K-12 English teachers, pointers for writing grants, and strategies which increase chances for receiving funding, such as collaborating with other schools.

George Eklund shares activities to use to take our students into the exploratory process of a poem.

Kentucky Literary Map

[Kentucky Literary Map (small)]
The KCTE/LA sponsored Kentucky Literary map is now available. Read more about the map on this site at http://www.kcte.org/map/


Visit the Kentucky Council of Teachers of English / Language Arts web-based blog and forum site at http://www.kyenglish.org/ (registration required for posting).

What is KCTE/LA?

The Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit, service organization for Kentucky English and Language Arts teachers of all levels (Kindergarten-Graduate School). Membership dues and conference registrations support

The over 200 members of KCTE/LA create a vibrant organization which has been recognized by the National Council of Teachers of English as one of the more active state affiliates.

In addition to supporting funded projects, the KCTE/LA connects English and Language Arts teachers to the Kentucky Department of Education. A number of KCTE/LA board members either direct or coordinate outreach progams for state Writing Projects, and the KDE sends a liaison to triannual KCTE/LA board meetings.

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Regular membership in KCTE/LA is $30.00 per year (January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014). Membership includes a subscription to the KEB and the KCTE/LA News. Membership paid between 31 May 2013 and December 31, 2014 goes into effect at the time the membership is paid and continues through December 31, 2014. An online printable registration form and registration information are available at http://www.kcte.org/membership/member.html . A secure, online credit-card registration form (for full-membership only) is available at https://secure.kcte.net/membership/register.html .

For More Information

If you would like to receive additional information or have a copy of our printed membership form mailed to you, please follow this link to our online information form at http://www.kcte.org/info.html .